About Us
Uncommon Touch is positioned to promote positive social change by empowering individuals to gain sufficient level of independence through our social, educational, training and development, health, and empowerment programs at the grassroots level. Our organization is intended to become a recognized and trusted leader in its commitment to accountability, innovation, and cooperation to helping disadvantage individuals, (Children and Adults).
Education: To promote health education, use of local resources and supplies, and preventive wellness programs.
Training: to promote training , literacy, computer skills, etc to help improve the economic and social well being of disadvantaged single parent households, two parent households, individuals and children to become self-sufficient and independent.
Empowerment: to promote sustainable development programs to steer the forward movement of economically disadvantage adults and children towards stability.
It is the vision of Uncommon Touch to be a trusted leader in providing resources for disadvantage adults and children and promoting self-sufficiency thru, education, social development and skill development.
It is the mission of Uncommon Touch to provide and deliver charitable, educational, and services to underprivileged individuals and children in the Pinellas county area. These services are provided without regard to race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, physically handicapped, religion, color, or national origin, to underprivileged families, individuals and children.
It is the values of Uncommon Touch to help improve equitable social and educational services including financial literacy, health prevention programs, schools, shelter, safety, and sustainable development strategies, in a timely and efficient manner through PRIDE.
People: We strive to empower and enrich disadvantaged single parent households, two parent households, individuals and children through social and educational services.
Respect: We strive to promote equality and dignity to the underprivileged and disadvantaged single parent households, two parent households,
idividuals and children in our community.
IInnovation: We strive to effectuate change and sustainable development in the communities we serve thru new and innovative ideas.
Desire: To be the beacon in our community for hope and change.
Everyone: We strive to promote everyone through open and effective communication, and embracing cultural diversity.
1) To empower and enrich underprivileged disadvantaged single parent households, two parent households, individuals and children to gain sufficient level of independence.
2) To promote social, relief, and educational training and development programs to underprivileged adults and children.
3) To maintain an environment which provides our staff the opportunity for growth and development, and the tools necessary to provide services that align with the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.
4) To comply with all appropriate standards and regulations.
Board of Directors
Betty Petty
Executive Director
Gloria Campbell
Joan Castle-Elmore
Tamara Bell,
Board Members
Steve Cole
Rowland Johnson
Audrey Lyttle
Leontyne Middleton
Marlinda Neal
Lydia Royal-Lang
Lola Young