Our Services
Uncommon Touch Ministries, Inc.
Breakfast Ministry – Uncommon Touch Ministries, Inc. will provide breakfast for the local community.
The breakfast ministry is open to the general public, however the primary focus will be to provide a hot
meal for the homeless. This program is an extension of a ministry run by our local church and will
continue to feed 200+ people each Sunday and provide extra snacks for later consumption. This program
requires 75% of our time and resources
School-Age Tutoring – Uncommon Touch Ministries, Inc. will provide tutoring to children in the
community. The services will be provided by volunteers trained to offer help to Elementary to High
School age children. The tutoring will be offered on a first come first serve basis and is dependent on the
number of volunteers available. This program requires 10% of our time and resources
Social Services & Outreach Activities– Uncommon Touch Ministries, Inc. endeavors to provide access to
comprehensive social services for those in economic and social crisis. We seek to enable people in need
within our community to more fully support and nurture themselves and their families so that they can
move out of poverty. We further support action that leads to a healthy and caring society, free of the
oppression of poverty in its various forms. This program requires 15% of our time and resources.
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